Polar Bears’ Habitat is Melting

After reading Motrya’s blog on global warming and what kind of an effect it has on winter sports I decided to a little research of my own. I wanted to look up the negative effects that global warming has and found an article about polar bears. According to the Bush administration, polar bears need government protection because their habitats are melting due to global warming. I feel bad for the poor, helpless animals. How would you feel if your home was burning down right in front of your eyes and there was nothing you could do to save it?

Two Polar Bear Cubs in Their Habitat

This realization has allowed the Bush administration to take a step in the right direction. Their willingness to acknowledge the growing problem of global warming and the need to take action has allowed for them to open their eyes up to new possibilities.

Global warming is making life really hard for the polar bears. The warming temperatures have caused them to lose their natural habitat and it’s making it harder for them to find food. Reduced food availability is causing some polar bears to starve to death and others to resort to cannibalism. Some even have drowned by being trapped on small islands of melting ice while attempting to swim for safety.

Arctic sea ice, polar bears’ natural habitat, is melting at a rapid rate. It is said by scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research that the region will be ice-free as early as the summer of 2040.



Arctic Sea Ice Melting

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has secured government protection for polar bears. “This is a victory for the polar bear, and all wildlife threatened by global warming,” said Kassie Siegel of the Center for Biological Diversity, in a press release. “This is the beginning of a sea change in the way this country addresses global warming. There is still time to save polar bears but we must reduce global warming pollution immediately.” According to United States Representative Jay Inslee, “Sand in the hourglass is running out for polar bears, Congress needs to take bold steps to reduce global warming pollution before time runs out for this and other species.”

“The United States has failed to lead the world in tackling global warming. With under five percent of the world’s people, we generate more than 20 percent of the global warming pollution,” said Kert Davies, Greenpeace research director. “We must start cutting greenhouse gas emissions or the polar bear will be pushed to the brink of extinction within our lifetime.”

It’s kind of scary to think that polar bears might become extinct within our lifetime if we don’t do something about global warming fast. The Bush administration has taken many hits about them not reducing global warming and not allowing their climate scientist to speak out about the effects that global warming will have on us if we don’t correct the problem soon. Hopefully, the administration will realize that keeping secrets won’t solve the problem. If we don’t, who knows, we might be the next extinction.





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